today is a painful reminder of why it can only get brighter

Yesterday was the tornado warning, today's like the morning after
My world is torn in half, it's time to start the mourning process and rebuilding, I'm still a work in progress

I am so familiarized with having to swallow this pill, like it happens all the time
And it's like I've already died because I've been killed inside but yet I'm still alive, which means I will survive

Although today I may weep because I am weakened, and everything seems so bleak and hopeless
The light that I'm seeking it begins to seep in, and that's the only thing keeping me from falling off the deep end

And I'm going to push through this feeling and with a little time that should do the healing
As time passes, things change every day
Wounds heal, but scars still remain the same 
But tomorrow today's going down in flames

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