Your life isn't over.

"Your life isn't over, never let your struggle make you think that. I know your setbacks were major, but so can be your comeback. You see strength? Pain builds that. I know it might be hard for you to feel that, but even in your darkest storms, there's a plan for you to still shine bright. Please, believe that. I do, because it did for me.
The world will allow you to go through places you don't understand, just to bring you to the place where you need to be. So don't let this season take your life, you can win this fight. If it wasn't for my darkest moments, I would've never found the strength to shine my light. There's a purpose greater than your pain, there's no rough without rain, and sometimes it takes our hardest storms to birth our greatest change.
Your life is not finished, you keep on living. It doesn't matter what happened in your past, you're just a choice away from a new beginning. There's more to be written, your perspective can either be your power or your prison. So no matter what, appreciate your life and build your testimony with the test you were given.
Listen, I get it. I know the pressure is real, but so is deliverance. You can heal from those inflictions. It's time to put a semi-colon where you tryna put a period because your sentence hasn't ended. You got more life to live, so don't give up, and forget anything or anybody that's ever made you feel like you're not enough. You're enough, you're more than enough, so don't try to end your story just because this chapter sucks. Breakdowns happen right before breakthroughs, so I pray you break that cycle that's tryna break you. I pray you kill those thoughts that are tryna kill you. 
No mistake is too great as long as you forgive, YOU make your new tomorrow new. You always have a choice, never stay solemn about your battles. Give your pain a voice. It's okay to not be okay, we're all one struggle away. Your change is gonna come, you just keep believing day by day, this storm will eventually run outta rain.
And remember, we are all a little broken. But the last time I checked, broken crayons still colour the same. You go defeat your pain, your life is not over, it's just beginning."