Call me a quitter, I don't care
I just can't do this anymore
I've changed, you're not to blame
I'm just not the same person you knew before
So, not to be rude at all
But I'm done trying to live up to your expectations
And down to them
Basically I quit being bound to them
I quit following everyone's opinions of which right for me

I quit being loyal to these negative thoughts that have never been useful
I quit letting the guilt of my past get in my path
And deprive me of a beautiful future

I quit letting people who have proven that they don't really care about me, get to me
I quit hanging out with friends who of most days I couldn't tell if they're friends or enemies draining my energy
I quit letting society's expectations and timetables pressure me, direct my destiny and stress me
I quit forgiving everyone else in the whole world except me